Calling all caterers!

Mamaluv is constantly growing its satellite locations around the world.

If you run a catering company or restaurant that’s committed to providing delicious, quality food, and would like to see your business & income grow – Mamaluv can help!

We are currently looking for catering affiliates in:

Canada: Ottawa, Edmonton, Winnipeg
United States: Chicago, Miami, New York, San Francisco
Europe: All locations

Are you a like-minded business?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit back and make money—even when you weren’t actually doing anything?

As part of Mamaluv‘s affiliate program, you can!

As a Mamaluv affiliate, you simply direct people to the Mamaluv website, and if and when they purchase something, you make a percentage of the sale.

To find out more about Mamaluv‘s affiliate program, please fill out the form below: